Storing Things In A Unit? Three Ways To Avoid A Mess

Having a house that feels too cluttered can be stressful. A storage unit can be a relief to have as an option because it gives you additional space in which to keep your things. However, it's easy for the unit to become a cluttered mess itself if you aren't careful. Follow these suggestions to avoid a big mess in your unit.

Don't Store Trash or Broken Items

In your hurry to unclutter your living space at home, you may be eager to take everything you're not using to the unit and leave it there until you ultimately figure out what you want to do with it. However, this can mean that you're simply moving the problem to another location. If you have items that are broken or might end up in the trash, before you store them away, be serious with yourself about whether you need to keep them in your life. If you can discard some things instead of storing them, you'll free up room inside your house and inside your rental unit. As a result, the rental unit will be neater.

Use Boxes

It may seem natural to use a combination of plastic bags and various boxes when moving things to your new storage unit, but bags can be a problem once things are stored away. When you arrive at the unit and want to retrieve something, a clearly labeled box can be easier to find than a bag that's under other bags or boxes. To find the right bag, you might find yourself moving things all around in a way that creates a messy look. A storage unit will look neater if you're using stacked boxes.

If you're concerned about the price of different boxes, call up your local grocery store to see if they'll let you use delivery crates and boxes.

Color Code

Once you've gotten boxes for your belongings, it's smart to do more than label each box in your own handwriting. Using tape in red, blue and other primary colors can be a way to glance at a box and know whether it belongs to the bathroom, living room or another room in the house. You just need to write down which color goes with which living space. Doing this will stop you from tossing boxes about until you find what you're looking for. Being able to head directly to the right boxes because of a certain color will ensure that all related boxes remain together neatly instead of creating a disorganized mess.

 Ask the storage rental staff, such as National Self Storage - Denver, for any help you may need to keep your unit orderly.