Getting Your Car Ready To Go Into Winter Storage

If you're someone with a convertible or another sports car that you don't drive much during the winter, putting your car into some kind of storage is an effective way of protecting your car and clearing up space in your garage for other things. However, you've got to do some quick tasks to ensure that your car is able to start right up and look great when it's summertime again; here are three of these tasks.

Clean Out the Car's Cabin

One of the best things you can do before storing your vehicle away is giving the interior a thorough cleaning. Remove all garbage and crumbs that could tempt pests looking for a dry place to nest, and consider having the carpets steam cleaned. Allow the carpets to dry out completely before covering or closing up the car for good, as wet carpets could lead to a musty smell and moisture buildup that could be damaging for the interior of the cabin.

Block the Exhaust Pipe

To further deter mice and other critters, it's important to remember to block your car's exhaust pipe. This can be done easily by rolling up one of your clean, old socks and sticking it right into the pipe. However, it is vital that you remember to remove this sock before you ever start up the car again.

Remove the Battery

It is important to realize that low temperatures can be bad for your car's battery if you are never warming it up. Freezing temperatures may cause the battery to crack. For that reason, if the car will be hanging out in your garage throughout the cold months, it's wise to remove the battery altogether. You may want to store it in a warmer space inside your house and keep it connected to a floating charger until you want to use your car again.

If you leave the battery in the car, just be sure that you start up the car every few weeks. When you do that, remove the sock from your exhaust pipe and remove any covers completely. Allow the car to run for a number of minutes so that fluids are able to cycle throughout the car.

With all of these tips, you're sure to prep the car adequately for the winter months ahead. Talk with a professional car storage facility, such as Ship Creek Storage, about how they may be able to help you protect and store your car even more safely.