Storage Tips For Inflatable Yard Decorations

When the holiday season is over, it's time to store your inflatable lawn décor. Placing them in a storage unit means they won't be cluttering up your basement or garage, and you can easily retrieve them when you are ready to decorate next year. Of course, you do want to protect your investment. The following storage tips can help you do just that.

Tip #1: Wipe away dirt

Don't leave dirt and soil on the inflatable. Place it in a dry spot that is above freezing in temperature, such as a garage, and rinse off any dirt or debris with a wet cloth. Most inflatable are made of nylon, so you can clean them with plain water or a mild dish soap without causing any damage. You don't want to leave any dirt on the fabric since this can lead to permanent discoloration.

Tip #2: Dry it completely

Each inflatable must be thoroughly dried. Otherwise, mildew and mold could damage the stored fabric. The easiest way to dry the inflatable is to inflate it in a dry area, such as the garage. A couple of hours under a running fan will usually dry it out completely. If this isn't an option, then spread the inflatable out inside and allow it to dry flat for a day or two before storing.

Tip #3: Remove debris

Before packing away the fan assembly and stakes, makes sure to wipe mud and dirt from them, as well. Any metal parts should also be thoroughly dried to help prevent rust and corrosion. Check the inside of the fan and make sure no grass or other debris has become entwined with the fan blades, and then carefully coil up the cord and secure it with a rubber band or twist tie.

Tip #4: Package it properly

A plastic storage tub works best for storing inflatables because it protects against moisture and pests. Wrap stakes in scrap fabric or bubble wrap so they won't snag on and tear the fabric inflatable. Pack these and the fan assembly in the bottom of the tub. Fold the actual fabric part of the ornament loosely until it is a narrow strip, and then roll it up and place it in the tub on top of the fan. You don't want to fold tightly, as this can lead creases of weakened fabric.

Once cleaned and packed, you can store the inflatable safely in a dry storage unit. There is no need to opt for a climate controlled unit specifically for an inflatable since temperature extremes won't damage the yard ornament. Contact a storage facility for more help. Companies like All American Mini Storage may be able to meet your needs in this area.