3 Ways to Save Money on Packaging When Moving

If you want to save money when you are moving next time, here are three easy ways that you can cut back costs.

Used Boxes

The biggest and easiest way to cut back on packing costs is to not purchase any boxes for your moves. Instead, gather up used boxes to use for your move ahead. Ask the business that you work at if they can save up any cardboard boxes that they get between now and your move and see if you can take them home. If you have kids in school, ask the school or the cafeteria if they can save boxes for you and if you can pick them up at the end of the day when you pick up your kids.

You can also stop by any store where you shop at a lot, such as your local grocery store or department store, and see if you can take home their cardboard boxes from that day or arrange a specific day to pick up their cardboard boxes.

Additionally, many moving companies give away free used moving boxes that other customers have returned to them. You just have to pay for the new moving boxes.

You may need to invest some money in some tape to put together the cardboard boxes that you get and ensure that they are well put-together. However, if you ask around, you really shouldn't have to spend any money at all on cardboard boxes for your move.


Another way to save on moving costs is by using bags that you already have for moving. You don't have to pack up everything that you are moving inside of boxes; you can use bags as well. Clear garbage bags are a great way for moving soft items, such as clothing and bedding. You can easily see what is inside of the bag, and it can fit just about anywhere. Just make sure that you either double-bag all items or are careful as you move them so that they don't rip.

Reuse Materials For Packaging

To keep everything in place, you are going to need packaging material. Once again, you don't have to purchase packaging material. You can use your stash of plastic grocery bags to pad glass and other fragile items as you pack them. You can ask friends and family members if you can collect their old plastic bags and newspapers from them, and use these items as packaging material to keep your belongings safe.

You can also use items that you need to pack anyway for packaging material. You can wrap all of your dishes in dishtowels, napkins, and pot holders. You can wrap up your glass vase with your bathroom towels. You can keep your television from moving around in its box by stuffing the sides with the comforter from your bed. Before you pack up towels, dish rags, blankets, and clothing, use them to fill in space around the other items that you are packing.

By reaching out to others and using the resources in your own home, you can cut the cost of purchasing boxes and packing material out of your move. Talk to local moving and storage companies to discover more on packing supplies for your move.