Important Gear To Utilize When Using Self-Storage Units

Self-storage units give you the perfect space for unwanted possessions. They come in multiple sizes and offer exceptional protection. For these units to work out and be easy to use, though, you'll want to utilize the following storage unit gear.

Moving Blankets

When moving furniture into a storage unit, there's always the chance of loosing your footing and scrapping the piece against the wall. Then, you're left with damage that could have easily been prevented if you would have just used moving blankets.

These blankets are thick and feature zigzag stitching, an instrumental design that cushions your furniture and protects it from heavy blows. Once these blankets are securely wrapped around your furniture, you don't have to worry about your pieces getting scuffed or scratched. You can also use these blankets to protect your valuable possessions from dust and debris while they're sitting in storage for extended periods of time.

Heavy-Duty Dollies

When moving large items by hand into a storage unit, you run the risk of severely injuring yourself. You could, for example, throw out your back and potentially drop what you're carrying on your feet. These accidents can be prevented if you use heavy-duty dollies to move larger-sized items.

Made from industrial steel, these dollies can support a lot of weight at one time. You can thus take fewer trips from the moving fan to the storage unit. Heavy-duty dollies also usually have pneumatic tires, which allow you to easily travel over steps and bumps in your pathway leading up to the storage unit. 

Storage Racks 

Your first inclination when placing items in a storage unit may be to set them on the floor. You need to avoid doing this, though, as it could cause airflow issues and leave your items susceptible to mildew and mold.

A better approach is to keep your possessions off the ground using storage racks. These racks are often constructed out of heavy-duty metals, which can support a lot of weight and won't get damaged by the elements. Storage racks also help you keep items organized, which is important if you don't have a lot of space to work with inside the storage unit.

Self-storage units, like those at Capistano A Plus Storage, are incredible resources that give you additional space for unused items. As long as you use the appropriate gear when moving items into these units, you shouldn't run into any major complications or regret paying for these secure, temporary spaces.