Simple Solutions For Using Self-Storage For Your Holiday Decor

From Christmas trees and wreaths to ornaments and lights, holiday decorations are most likely taking up a large amount of space in your closets, attic, and garage. If you have an endless amount of holiday décor crammed into your home, consider these simple self-storage solutions.


Throwing decorations in boxes and bags is not ideal, since they may break. By choosing the right containers for your Christmas decorations and holiday items, you can keep them safe and organized.

Purchase specialized containers for the most important holiday decorations, such as your ornament collection and the Christmas tree. A tote with dividers works well for your Christmas tree ornaments. Or, place ornaments into egg cartons and stack in totes and boxes.

Place your tree in a large bag, but make sure to undo lights. If the tree is pre-lit, make sure to disconnect all connections before placing in storage.

Label all containers and bags, as well. This will help you locate the items you need while in storage, allowing you to gather the decorations when the holiday season approaches.


Using the right containers will keep your decorations safe while in storage, but you should also make sure your storage unit is heated and cooled throughout the year. High temperatures can warp certain items and increase humidity in the unit, which can lead to mildew smells. Also, high humidity levels can lead to mold growth in your unit. Make sure your storage unit is cooled during the warmer seasons to prevent warping and humidity issues.

While surprising to learn, certain types of trees require specific temperatures for safe storage. Certain types of Christmas trees—frosted, flocked, or white trees—should be stored in a space between 40 and 80 degrees.


Once you have all of your Christmas decorations packed and ready for storage, you can begin organizing them inside the unit. Remember that you will most likely only need these decorations during one part of the year, so they should be kept in an area of your unit that does not interfere with items you need more frequently.

If possible, consider placing a shelving unit on one side of your unit that can be used specifically for your Christmas decorations. This allows you to stack totes and containers on the shelves instead of on other totes and boxes, keeping your items safe and organized.

Your home deserves space, and your Christmas decorations deserve care. This guide will help you organize your holiday decorations in a separate storage unit.