Storing Family Fun-Making Supplies in a Storage Unit

Many activities that come with summer require some sort of equipment to really enjoy yourself. But, what do you do if you don't have enough space around your house to store all of the equipment that your family needs for summer fun? Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you organize and make the most of a self-storage unit.


The storage facility closest to your home isn't always the best option. Think about the direction that you travel when it's time to go out and do the fun stuff that you do all summer—which way do you typically go? If there's a storage facility directly in the route that you typically take when you're headed out for fun, you may have found the unit that will house your family's fun supplies.

The location of the storage unit should be close to home, but what really matters is how convenient it is for you to access. You want a unit in a location that will not cause you to go out of your way.


You never know what time family fun will come to an end—it could be the minute that the sun goes down, or it could be late in the wee hours of the night. If you think that you'll need to access the storage unit between business hours, make sure that you find a facility that offers access at any time, or that offers hours that you can work with. It'd be pretty frustrating to be headed out for family fun and find that you can get the stuff that you need out of your storage unit.

Store Basic Cleaning Supplies

Some of the things that you'll store in the unit will need to be cleaned before you store it. All of those beach toys and pool floats will need to be wiped down to ensure that they are dry and free of debris so that they don't grow mold and mildew. Your bike, it should be wiped down to make sure that dirt doesn't cause the metal to rust.

If you keep a small bucket of general cleaning supplies at the storage unit, you'll be able to quickly wipe down whatever it is that you're putting in storage right there—you won't have to take it home, unload it, clean it, reload it, haul it back to the storage unit, and store it—you'll just wipe, store, and go.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find the space that your family needs for all of the summer fun-making supplies. Contact storage unit facilities for more information.