Ready to Put Your RV Into Storage? 4 Essential Tasks to Do First

When you are not on the road in your RV, and your RV will be sitting still for more than a few weeks, it is a good idea to get your RV ready for storage. Preparing your RV to sit for a few months takes time, which is why it is essential to know what critical tasks to focus on first.

#1: Change the Oil

First, you are going to want to change the oil in your RV. When your RV sits, any water or acid that has gotten into the oil can damage the engine. Changing the oil before putting your RV into storage will ensure there is no build-up of water and acid already in place that could harm your engine.

#2: Add Fuel Stabilizers 

When you park your RV, you will want to do so with a full tank of gas. A full tank of gas will help ensure condensation doesn't build up in your vehicle's fuel lines. If you know your RV will be parked for a longer period, be sure to add fuel stabilizers to your gas tank as well. This will keep the fuel from changing chemically over time as the full protect your gas lines.

#3: Take Out the Batteries

Next, you are going to want to take out the batteries. If you leave the batteries in your RV, they are eventually going to deplete. Instead, you will want to hook your batteries up to a system that will occasionally recharge the batteries, keeping them from depleting. This will help ensure you can use the batteries when you take your RV out again and that you will not have to pay the expensive fee to replace your batteries when you want to use your RV again.

#4: Close Open Holes

When your RV is sitting, there is always a risk for small animals and bugs to get inside your RV. That is why you want to make sure that all opens are correctly closed. That includes closing off small holes that you normally wouldn't need to, such as exhaust pipes and vents. Securing your RV will help ensure that no little critter can get inside and damage it while it is in storage.

To keep your RV safe, find a location where you can safely store your RV. Many RV storage companies have both indoor and outdoor storage options. Some storage companies will also run through the essential tasks above, as well as additional necessary tasks, to get your RV ready for the long-term storage process.