Packing Tips—Short And Long Term Storage

Packing items in a storage facility for the short or long term should be carefully planned out. Knowing what a storage facility has to offer and using packing supplies that will keep things organized and prevent damage are steps that should be conducted.

A Storage Unit

A short-term storage plan will not necessitate quite as much packing and labeling as a long-term storage plan will. A long-term plan needs to be executed if items will be placed within a storage unit for an undetermined amount of time. With either type of storage length, boxes that haven't been treated with a moisture barrier should not be used to pack personal possessions.

If a storage unit rental facility outlines what each of its units provides, a client will have a better understanding of what types of preparations should be made when packing items. A unit with adequate airflow may be listed as one that is temperature-regulated. This type of unit will offer the most resistance to humidity.

A unit may be treated for pests or may use a dust-free ventilation system. The most accommodating features should be sought for long-term storage. Electronics, appliances, and artwork are some items that are susceptible to damage if stored in a subpar setting that lacks adequate airflow and is prone to moisture and dust buildup.

Remember To :

  • sort items (dispose of unnecessary items)
  • use a comparable stacking system
  • label everything

Clear Tubs And Dust Covers

Anyone who has previously rented storage space at a commercial facility could probably tell you how quickly a unit can fill up. Sorting your possessions and tossing out what you truly don't need will help you conserve the rental storage space that you are supplied with. Instead of using cardboard boxes as packing materials, try to stick to using clear tubs with lids if possible. These types of containers stack easily, plus will allow you to easily see what is stored inside of them.

Stack containers at home, prior to moving them to a unit. Use stacks that are a comparable height to the height that you will be supplied with in a storage unit. This will give you a good idea of whether or not your items will fit in the rental unit. Use bubble liners to wrap fragile items, prior to placing them inside a tub. Cover large items with dust covers. Label each container or loose item. 

For more information about self-storage, contact a local company.