Security Features To Look For In A Self-Storage Facility

A self-storage facility allows you to eliminate excess items in your house, creating space and organization. Furthermore, you can keep your possessions in a storage unit while making structural changes to your home. More so, you only have to commit to a storage contract for a specific duration. For example, if your home will be ready in a few months, there is no need to pay for storage beyond this duration. This way, you can ensure your valuable items are safe from damage or theft. Below are the security features to look for in a storage facility.

A Well-Lit, Secure Facility

Besides convenience, you should choose a storage facility based on safety. As such, you should look for a facility with a reinforced perimeter fence with both exterior and interior lighting. This means the lights should always be on or motion-activated. Further, the facility should have bright and adequate lighting across the entry points and hallways. Note that this will provide sufficient coverage for the cameras in dark and concealed places. Additionally, bright lighting will ward off vandals or thieves, as the guards can easily spot them.

Digital Surveillance

A well-secured self-storage facility will employ digital surveillance on its premises. This implies the facility should have cameras across all main entry and exit points and within the units. Moreover, these cameras should take high-definition footage with a digital video recorder. In addition, a security team should monitor the cameras round-the-clock to point out anomalies or malfunctions in surveillance. Finally, the video recorder should capture and store occurrences lasting at least a month to help track activities in the facility all year round.

Perimeter Fence and Keypad Access

A perimeter fence is an essential security feature that enhances privacy and protects the storage facility. As such, the fence should have a computerized electric gate with a unique access code for each tenant. This is because keypad access documents the history of everyone who accesses the facility daily. Furthermore, the storage provider should use an alarm fence to immediately alert the guards when an intruder tries to access the facility.

Good Security Hardware and Software

While shank-style locks and deadbolts enable you to close your doors at home, they may not be ideal for storing your belongings. Note that you may not visit your unit daily, hence you require an improved locking mechanism that is harder to access. Therefore, you should look for a facility with disc locks that are hard to compromise. On the other hand, the storage facility should have high-quality software security to monitor and control alarms and keypads.

Top-grade security features ensure your possessions' safety and integrity. Thus, you should hire a storage provider whose facility employs sophisticated security features to protect your goods. For more information on self-storage, contact a company near you.